Wolfgang Strauss (D)

Wolfgang Strauss, 1951, architect and media artist, studied Architecture and Visual Communication. He is researcher, lecturer and teacher in Interactive Media Art and Design and has been a visiting professor of media art in Saarbrücken and Kassel, Germany. Working on interfaces connecting the human body and digital media space he is co-directing the MARS Lab at Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication. His artistic work has been presented in exhibitions and festivals widely throughout the world e.g. at ZKM - Karlsruhe, Nagoya Science Museum, SIGGRAPH, ICC - Tokyo, Imagina - Monte Carlo, ISEA and was awarded with the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica 1992 („Home of the Brain“) and the iF - communication design award 2005 („Energy-Passages“) amongst others. Together with Monika Fleischmann he initiated in 1999 – the Internet platform on digital art and media culture and in 2005 the eCulture Factory project in Bremen.