David Garcia (NL)

David Garcia is Professor of Design for Digital Cultures, University of Portsmouth /Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.
His work combines making personal installations, videotapes and TV programs, together with extensively published theoretical writing on critical media and Internet culture. This work is combined with organizing large-scale public events in the form of conferences and exhibitions.
David is the founder and co-organiser of The Next 5 Minutes Festival for Tactical Media (94-2003) a series of international conferences and exhibitions on electronic communications and new social movements.
Recently he has curated the international exhibition and symposium of art and media theory entitled ‘Faith in Exposure’ for the Dutch Media Institute.
And April 2007 will see the launch of a book he has co-edited called ‘Uncommon Ground’ which maps the volatile landscape of cross-sector collaboration.
He is currently developing the Tactical Media Files a living archive dedicated to tracking the changing shape of ‘tactical media’ from its inception and early theorisations in the 90’s through to the present day.