Sher Doruff (NL)

Sher Doruff is currently Head of the Research Programme at Waag Society in Amsterdam. She received her PhD from University of the Arts London/Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design/SmartLab in 2006. Her research investigates the role of collaborative interplay and creative processes in networked performance practice. She lectures and mentors in the Dance Unlimited MA program in Amsterdam and in what spare time remains, nurtures a modest artistic practice. Her career has spanned various sectors of the visual and performing arts including conceptual art, music composition, digital design and scenography, interactive installation/performance and software development. She has worked with digital performance technologies in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and performance-makers since the mid-80s. From 1998-2004 she was a core developer for Waag Society's distributed performance software framework, KeyStroke/KeyWorx, curating artist projects in the Sensing Presence department. She has published numerous papers, edited a book on Live Art, and regularly lectures and presents in academic and artistic contexts.