Keith Baker (NL)

Open Innovation Manager Philips Applied Technologies DSEStarted his career in Research with GEC were he was very active in self-test and Design for Testability, and was one of the founders of the JTEG testability initiative. later IEEE 1149.1.
At Philips Research was very active in design for testability tools and the method of testing low power ICs called IDDQ. Since 1999 he has focused on multimedia applications and holds 15 patents in this area.
He has lead a number of Eureka project related to DVB/DVB technology, including early integrations of MPEG4-AVC in STB technologies. Since 2003, in the context of various Eureka projects has explored the value of P2P networks for long-tail content distribution. He has been fascinated by the interaction between the Systematizing groups in the population , and how in the last 200 years they have use science fiction through the media to focus the technical efforts of society, to both good and ill.


When neuroscience+nanotechnology are tools of the mass media??
It already has a name: "Dreamshit"