Gazira Babeli (Second Life)

Gazira Babeli was born in Second Life on 31st March 2006. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. It is totally based on the religion of Gadgets just as the world we consider as real... or Western.

Gazira caused a stir with her code performance "grey goo", when Second Life was overwhelmed by a flood of self-replicating objects, melting down the Linden Servers. "Grey goo" is shorthand for an apocalytic nano-gone-wrong scenario wherein nanoassemblers replicate so profligately that they reduce the world to slurry.

"Unlike other avatars," explains curator and art critic Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira doesn't pretend to be in a world made of objects and atoms, she's aware to be in a world made of codes and to be part of the code herself."

Other works include Come To Heaven, DONTsay..., niceQUAKE, Singing Pizza, Second Soup, Performative Guns and ULTIMATE SUBMISSION. Her work was covered in Slatenight magazine, The AvaStar, Second Life Insider, We make money not art, La Stampa and El Pais.

Gazira is also a member of the Second Life performance group Second Front, which might be the first example of Second Life as the embodiment of a "native" artistic proposal.