Sophie Gosselin (F)

Artist-philosopher. Active member of APO33, artistic, technological and theoretical laboratory based in Nantes, in which she initiates and coordinates research projects linking art, science and technology (

She is part, since 2000 of the CIA (Cellule d'Intervention d'Apo33), artistic group in which she participates to the conception and setting up of the projets ( The specificity of her approach lies in introducing theoretical processes and research methodologies in the artistic projects. This work has lead her to experiment new forms of writing and to explore the passages between text, audio-visual and digital.

Her research work focuses on the relations between power and technology, through the analysis of urban and environmental mutations, media-activism and the free software/culture movement. She is actualy working on the creation of a theoretical and experimental research space Constellations , which aims at bringing together independant researchers, artists and activists at an international level, around the issues of technological poetics and free culture (