Armando Menicacci (F)

Armando Menicacci is a musicologist and a dance scholar. He has studied several years of dance (Vaganova technique) piano and music composition in Italy. Has a BA in History of Music at the Rome University "La Sapienza" and a PhD in Paris 8 University on the use of digital technology in dance creation, research and education. Member of Anomos he organized with Emanuele Quinz a section of the international symposium ISEA (2000), on the new interfaces between body and machines. He's the director of Mediadanse, Paris 8 Dance Department laboratory (created with the support of the Anomos assiciation) mainly oriented towards now relationships between research, creation and pedagogy in dance and digital media. His last book is La Scena Digitale. Nuovi media per la danza (Venezia, Marsilio, 2001) edited with Emanuele Quinz is about the relationship between dance and new media. He's actually also working for different institutions and choreographers as an artistic consultant. As an artist he has done two interactive installations (Terra incognita: Fortaleza shown at the Museum of Contemporary art in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2005 and Terra Incognita : Paris shown in the exhibition "en:trance" in the Paris Observatory in 2006). He also has been leading a group that made website about generative dance score ( and a choreography based on custom software shown at the Encontros Festival in Recife, Brazil in 2006.