Screening: The Red Flag Flies

During DEAF07 a series of screenings will be shown in the film theater on the groundfloor of the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Las Palmas.

Location: Nederlands Fotomuseum, Las Palmas, film theater on groundfloor, 10-29 April
13.00 / 17.00

The Red Flag Flies
Zhou Hongxiang

CN 2002, 25:00 min

A video essay offering new perspectives on a contemporary China between communist slogans and market-driven society.

Is the utopia of a communist society in China still alive or just kept alive artificially?
In Zhou Hongxiang’s video essay possible answers are interconnected, while presenting today’s China as a nation torn between communist rhetoric and capitalist economy. Simultaneously, The Red Flag Flies critically reflects on the slogans of Maoism as well as on all kind of ‘-isms’ in the world - albeit their economical, political or ideological origins.The Red Flag Flies tries to deconstruct and reconstruct the phenomenon of cinema by questioning current aesthetic experiences and cognitive perception, and tries to explore a new discourse on the power of images.


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Entree: € 8.00 / 6.00

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Locatie: Las Palmas/LPII

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Events: Expositie

Deelnemers: Zhou Hong Xiang