Location: Pakhuismeesteren 10-29 April

COMMON GROUNDS (Workspace Unlimited) brings the realities of the physical and virtual space closer to each other by creating an intermediate third space that opens new perspectives. The installation raises questions about presence, representation and identity as a reflection on mediaculture where the relation between real and virtual take more and more complex forms. A virtual simulation of the exhibition space of DEAF07 is connected to the Common Grounds network of virtual worlds (IMPLANT, DEVMAP, EXTENSION), they will all be simultaneously accessible from the terminals in DEAF07, Montreal, and Gent.


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Admission: € 8.00 / 6.00

Program information

Location: Pakhuismeesteren

Times: Wed11 Apr12:00–21:00
Thu12 Apr12:00–21:00
Fri13 Apr12:00–21:00
Sat14 Apr12:00–21:00
Sun15 Apr12:00–21:00
Mon16 Aprclosed
Tue17 Apr12:00–19:00
Wed18 Aprclosed
Thu19 Apr12:00–19:00
Fri20 Apr12:00–19:00
Sat21 Apr12:00–19:00
Sun22 Apr12:00–19:00
Mon23 Aprclosed
Tue24 Apr12:00–19:00
Wed25 Apr12:00–19:00
Thu26 Apr12:00–19:00
Fri27 Apr12:00–19:00
Sat28 Apr12:00–19:00
Sun29 Apr12:00–19:00


Events: Exhibition

Participants: Workspace Unlimited