Chinese Portraiture

Chinese Portraiture (Zhou Hongxiang) is a conceptual image work, presented like a dictionary, in the way of Chinese tradition scrolls. Various Chinese people: workmen, policemen, the emperor of Qing Dynasty, intellectuals, monks, old people, children, beggars, farmers, judges are presented with their most remarkable characters, morals and habits. The film works like a photograph, because of the stare between viewer and portrayed people. You’ll wait for a certain thing to happen in a quiescent time and space.


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Admission: € 8.00 / 6.00

Program information

Location: Las Palmas/LPII

Times: Wed11 Apr12:00–21:00
Thu12 Apr12:00–21:00
Fri13 Apr12:00–21:00
Sat14 Apr12:00–21:00
Sun15 Apr12:00–21:00
Mon16 Aprclosed
Tue17 Apr12:00–19:00
Wed18 Aprclosed
Thu19 Apr12:00–19:00
Fri20 Apr12:00–19:00
Sat21 Apr12:00–19:00
Sun22 Apr12:00–19:00
Mon23 Aprclosed
Tue24 Apr12:00–19:00
Wed25 Apr12:00–19:00
Thu26 Apr12:00–19:00
Fri27 Apr12:00–19:00
Sat28 Apr12:00–19:00
Sun29 Apr12:00–19:00