Maurice Benayoun (F)

Maurice Benayoun digs a Tunnel under the Atlantic after offering the only acceptable explanation of the imperfection of the World (Quarxs), launches a Photo Safari in a Land of War (World Skin, 1997), dares to ask the Big Questions: Is God flat? (7) and the Devil curved? He shares his retina with everybody and unveils the existence of Big Brother’s sister (Watch-out!). To take a break, he creates one of the biggest interactive exhibitions ever (Cosmopolis), reshapes Europe’s biggest abbey with pixels, introduces VR into PCs, reconfigures a major Paris subway station and converts the Arc de Triomphe into a monument to Peace. Charts the first map of the world’s emotions (Mechanics of Emotions) then starts a non-really-for-profit business with his friend Jean-Baptiste Barrière by selling these emotions as musical cocktails (Emotion Vending Machine).
He daily dumps all new concepts (,