DJ Sniff (JP/NL)

dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) believes in the autonomy of the turntable as a musical instrument and the musicianship of the DJ. His music focuses on the selection of sound material amplified through the phonographic needle and its reconstruction through electro-acoustical methods and techniques of turntablism.
Sniff articulates his sensitive, cooly restraint collage technique through his heterogeneous dj setup of his own invention. The place of the once customary second turntable set is being taken by a 'sensor scratch box'. This feature gives him a definitive edge over two turntable spinning instrumentalists and widely extends the dialectics of his musical source material, mixing early music conrète iconography with Japanese ethnic song and hiphop cuts, with copied multiples of themselves. DJ Sniff live sets are beautifully controlled, evolving streams of ideas.