Zhang Ga (CN)

Zhang Ga is a media artist, curator and educator. He has exhibited internationally including the Ars Electronica Center (Austria), Adelaide Art Festival (Australia), Dutch Electronic Art Festival (The Netherlands), Artport of Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Singapore Art Museum (Singapore) and Art Center Nabi (South Korea) among others, organized conferences and digital salons, written and lectured on new media art practice and criticism, and served on jury duties for media art grants. He is Artistic Director and Curator of the Millenium Dialogue: Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium 2004, 2005 and 2006 and of the China International New Media Arts Exhibition 2008 (National Art Museum of China, Beijing).

Zhang Ga (USA) Professor of Communications Arts, New York Institute of Technology (New York), guest professor, Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University (Beijing)