Andrea Natella (I)

Andrea Natella is the creative director of; a sociologist, a journalist investigating youth culture and media communication, and a writer for TV programs about magic and, using a variety of pseudonyms. He has published essays on UFO's, extreme sex and the art of sabotage. In 1995 he was known as Luther Blissett. He was born and lives in Rome. Founded in Italy in 2003, is an advertising agency that uses non-conventional communication techniques, like the creation of fictitious events or campaigns reaching the limits of legality, through which "fuck the market in order to enter it", entering the media system and taking away the automatism communication. Projects include a.o.: Rottama il Brand (Wreck the Brand), Shock and Hoax, Spazio Disponibile (Available Space), Espropriproletari (proletarian expropriation), and Where-Next.