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Public colloquium
Sunday 15 April, 10:00–18:00
V2_ Building, ground floor

Coproduced by V2_ and the Jan van Eyck Academie

The roundtable session of this event, scheduled on 16 April at Piet Zwart Institute, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to welcome you on the 15th at V2_, for this public colloquium, which will take place as scheduled.

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ubiscribe.jpgUbiScribe is a nomadic research project about pervasive publishing in networked media. This public colloquium presents topical issues raised from current research conducted for UbiScribe, at the Design Department of the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht. The work of four UbiScribe researchers – Jouke Kleerebezem, Arie Altena, Sandra Fauconnier and Tsila Hassine – is presented in dialogue with practices, thoughts and projects by several international guests.

Moderator: Florian Cramer (D/NL), course director, Piet Zwart Institute

Paired presentations:

Jouke Kleerebezem (NL/F), artist
Paul Perry (NL), artist

Arie Altena (NL), researcher
De Geuzen (NL), artists' collective

Sandra Fauconnier (B/NL), researcher and archivist
Saul Albert (UK), artist and cultural producer

Tsila Hassine (IL), artist and media designer
Jorge Blasco Gallardo (E), writer and organizer


Früher (seit Platon und noch vorher) ging es darum, vorhandenem Stoff zu formen, um ihn zum Erscheinen zu bringen, und jetzt geht es eher darum, einen aus unserem theoretischen Schau und unserem Apparaten hervorquellenden und sich übersprudelnden Strom von Formen mit Stoff zu füllen, um die Formen zu 'materialisieren'.

– Vilém Flusser in „Form und Material“ (1987), published in Vom Stand der Dinge: eine kleine Philosophie des Design, 1993

Vilém Flusser was early to recognize the informative power of (computational) media. Clearly in music and architecture many examples of computer-enhanced creation exist, but also in typography and text and image creation we find algorithmically processed emerging form. Most importantly, also new habits and types of interaction emerge as "forms" or ways of understanding, discussing and collaborating on artistic content. With this colloquium, we want to investigate how digital media and communication technologies provide production, processing and access to content in such a way as that by these technologies alone emerge manifest forms.

Where once form resulted from minute design, construction and fabrication, increasingly we see it wildly emerge from the technological (read: computational) processing of data, providing abundant proposals for designers, artists and authors to be thoughtfully selected and proceeded in cultural production.


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Entree: € 20.00 / 15.00

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Locatie: V2_Groundfloor

Tijden: Sun15 Apr11:00–19:00

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