Video's of the STEIM Night
Thursday 26 April 2007

Video's by Sara Tirelli

Video's of the STEIM - Night of the DEAF07 festival are now online:

[taken offline until further notice]

DJ Sniff JP/NL), 11'36''V2dig200704CD002.jpg

Atau Tanaka (USA), 16'29''V2dig200704CD080.jpg

Mazen Kerbaj (LB) & Joel Ryan (USA/NL), 23'31'







Christine Sehnaoui (LB/F) & Michel Waisvisz (NL), 23'45''V2dig200704CD115.jpg

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Photographs copyright (c) 2007 Jan Sprij

Reports, photos and archived streams on the DEAF07 blog
Thursday 26 April 2007

DEAF07 has been extensively covered by a team of photographers and (guest) writers.The DEAF07 blog offers an overview of photo galleries, written reports and reviews, and archived streams.


DEAF07, blogged elsewhere
Wednesday 25 April 2007

By Sandra Fauconnier.

It is always very interesting to see how a festival like DEAF07 is perceived -- not only how it is covered in the (inter)national press, but also what "regular" visitors and participants think about what they have seen and experienced.
With the growing popularity of weblogs, YouTube and other "social" websites, it has become much easier for a festival audience to publish their own thoughts, reviews and interpretations; it appears that DEAF07 is extensively covered by bloggers and (amateur) photographers and video makers.

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Not Everything is Interaction
Wednesday 25 April 2007

A review by Josephine Bosma.

A seminar with such a provocative title creates expectations: of big statements, or of clichés being overturned and prejudices being tackled. Unfortunately nothing of the sort happened on this Thursday afternoon. It left the audience with a slight feeling of frustration. Even predictable questions from the audience after the presentations ("So, what then is not interaction?" "What is interaction?") were not sufficiently addressed. The refusal of most of the speakers and the moderator to make any comparative judgment on types of interaction might have been stimulating in other DEAF presentations (like at the ‘Interact or Die' symposium on Saturday), but with a title like ‘Not Everything is Interaction' one expects some strong positioning taking place. Maybe the organizer should have urged the speakers to focus on the theme, as the very different views did not seem to have more overlap than a very diverse interpretation of the word ‘interactivity'. The presentations of new media lecturer Mitchell Whitelaw and artist Roman Kirschner were the most interesting, even if they seemed to view interaction from two opposing sides of its presently very broad spectrum.

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What is Techno Today?
Saturday 21 April 2007
Friday 13th April, TodaysArt

by Omar Muñoz-Cremers

What is techno? One way to place the phenomenon in the context of DEAF07 would be as the unconsciousness of the daily program where civilized talk and discussion bloom, a site of language and visualization, a well-lit space of ideas getting transmitted. Into the night, at the margins beyond speech is were we find a different perspective on electronic art. Another metaphor might be the street. Techno as an open culture, based on self-organization, less dependent on institutions, the street as (mental) space which, in the words of William Gibson “finds its own uses for things.”
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Interview with Marnix de Nijs [dutch only]
Thursday 19 April 2007

Exercise in Immersion

Rotterdam, 29 maart 2007

Arie Altena

Donderdagmiddag 29 maart 2007. De Nederlandse kunstenaar Marnix de Nijs is druk bezig met het realiseren van de eerste publieke presentatie van zijn project EI4, Exercise in Immersion 4. In de tentoonstelling van DEAF07, het Dutch Electronic Art Festival, zal een eerste demoversie van dit werk te zien zijn. EI4 is een artgame, het is een technisch complex project waarvoor Marnix de Nijs in samenwerking met V2_ software ontwikkelt.
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