DEAF is back in 2012
Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is an international and interdisciplinary biennial that focuses on art, technology and society. DEAF presents a wide range of program segments, including, of course, a large exhibition of interactive artworks and installations.

In 2012 the next edition of DEAF will be organized. The festival will be opened on May 16, 2012.

DEAF will feature concerts, performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. The festival is characterized by a thematic approach. Its aim is to bring current developments and themes around art in our technological culture to a diverse audience.

DEAF is one of the most important international festivals focusing on art and media technology, and it can be regarded as a showcase for research for and production of new media art (some specially commissioned). This festival in Rotterdam is the ideal place for representatives of various networks to meet and inspire each other, and for international critical debate to take place.

For more information please refer to the website of the The Power of Things: Dutch Electronic Art Festival

Reports, photos and archived streams on the DEAF07 blog
Thursday 26 April 2007

DEAF07 has been extensively covered by a team of photographers and (guest) writers.The DEAF07 blog offers an overview of photo galleries, written reports and reviews, and archived streams.


Koningin Beatrix bezoekt DEAF07
Monday 16 April 2007

Koningin Beatrix zal de tentoonstelling van het Dutch Electronic Art Festival bezoeken op woensdag 18 April, wanneer zij het gerenoveerde Las Palmas cultuurcentrum officiëel zal openen .

Op woensdag 18 april zal de tentoonstelling van DEAF07 gesloten zijn.

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Ohran Kaya opent DEAF07
Monday 02 April 2007
Op dinsdag 10 april 2007 zal Ohran Kaya, wethouder van Cultuur van de gemeente Rotterdam, het Dutch Electronic Art Festival officieel openen. De opening vindt plaats om 19.00 uur in het nieuwe cultuurcentrum Las Palmas in Rotterdam, met als hoogtepunt een performance van de Belgische formatie Code31.
DEAF07 viert 25 jaar V2_
Thursday 22 March 2007

Van 10 t/m 29 april 2007 wordt het Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF07) gehouden in Rotterdam. DEAF, één van de belangrijkste internationale festivals op het gebied van kunst en mediatechnologie, wordt tweejaarlijks georganiseerd door V2_, Instituut voor de instabiele media. V2_ bestaat dit jaar 25 jaar en dat zal tijdens DEAF07 uitgebreid gevierd worden met een spetterende avond vol muziek en performances in Staal, Rotterdam op zaterdag 14 april. 

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unDEAF: Call for Participation
Monday 19 March 2007
unDEAF: Dutch Electronic Art unFestival

undeaf.jpgunDEAF is a satellite event of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007. unDEAF is uncurated. Your work will not be judged, or restricted by a theme, neither it has to be finalized. unDEAF is self-organized. You organize and promote your own event, whether an art piece, a performance, a talk, a workshop, a meal, a song, a party or other as-yet-undefined events.

How to participate in 3 steps:
  1. Announce your event at the website ( ).
  2. Subscribe to the mailinglist and stay tuned to the latest news.
  3. Show up in person or avatar from 10th to 15th of April.
For those brave-hearts that would like to help organizing unDEAF, we might have simple accommodation for free.

From Friday 10th to Sunday 15th of April
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Free participation
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