DEAF07 Opening, an impression

By Josephine Bosma

After the obligatory talks... really begins. DEAF07 has started. The ground floor of the newly renovated Las Palmas building is crowded with people exploring the DEAF07 exhibition. The atmosphere is good. Upon entrance one is first drawn to the Exonomo piece 'Object B', even if it is standing quite far from the door. It stands out because of its loud colors and its clever use of ordinary appliances like power tools and kitchenalia as interface for a multi-user game. It remotely resembles some of Perry Hoberman's older works. Right next to it people duck under a circular black curtain. In it Yang Zhenzhong's 'Surrounded', a circular video projection, gives a nightmarish experience of being circled by hostile people one cannot escape. V2dig200704AA001.jpgBehind Shenzhong's installation a narrow corridor leads into a room with Thomas McIntosh's 'Ondulation'. Water in a rectangular pond ripples to sound waves. It is a pity this work is in such a small space. Its minimal mix of natural and artificial phenomena reminds of artist-scientist Vincent Icke's work in a pond at the Vijversburg estate in Friesland, and it would be just as mesmerizing as that work is under a clear blue sky. As I wander past Graham Smith's lonely remote controlled robot 'Mobi' the opening performance has started. The Belgian group Code31 are a bit lost in this big space. Their music drifts between the far walls, the high ceiling and the muttering of the installations. Yet still they manage to give an interesting performance, also because of their installation of 20 old Macintosh SE computers from 1987, 'SE/30'. V2dig200704AB136.jpgYet, even if the subtleties of the musical performance gets lost in the exhibition space, Code31 firmly stands ground and captures a small but dedicated audience. Their sound at times almost bites through the air. When the performance is done, the clicking and buzzing of the exhibited art works gets its place at the foreground again. DEAF07 has only just begun...

Photographs Copyright (c) 2007 Jan Sprij



Exhibition: SE/30

Events: Opening, Performance Code31

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