Special Focus: China program
A special China-conference will deal with the position and current developments in cutting edge Chinese media art. The most prominent Chinese curators and media artist willl give their perspective on issues like the relation between Chinese media art and the global art scene, and the way Chinese media art reflects the fast development of both the Chinese economy and modern art. With amongst others Yang Zhenzhong, Hu Jie Ming, Zhou Honxiang, Zhang Pelli, Wang Jun-Jieh, Davide Quadrio, Jin Jiangbo, Feng Mengbo, Neville Mars, Li Zhenhua, Wei Zhang and Xu Shuxian

A long lasting collaboration with Chinese partners

In 2003 V2_ and the ZKM were invited by Tsinghua University in Beijing to become partners in developing a series of exhibitions and conferences to discuss the impact of (media)technology within artistic practices, and to present an international community of artists and practitioners in the fields of media art and technology in China.

This led to a series of events that took place in the Millennium Museum and Factory 798 / Dashanzi Art District in Beijing with the goal of establishing a bi-annual event for media art in China in 2008. In this process of dialogue and discovery with Chinese institutions, artists, curators, bloggers and other players in the field, V2_ has become involved in and intrigued with a Chinese society that is full of social, cultural and political contradictions, paradoxes, potentials, dangers and challenges - a society in deep transformation, full of questions and overwhelming in its dynamics, volume, urban developments, and pragmatism.

As part of DEAF's raison d'ętre in highlighting the past two years of V2_'s own work we have given special attention to this increased activity in and with China by inviting over 20 key players, artists, educators, curators and journalists active in China's emergent and independent media arts community as an integral part of this year's event. DEAF07 is interested to both show and critically engage the work coming from China, as well as to look deeper into the contexts of international collaboration with this significant emergent player in the broader international media arts and technology scene. With China's growing influence both in Asia and internationally DEAF07 will also be examining media arts education in China, the ways in which global cultural issues are perceived between China and Europe as well as the often cryptic difficulties faced with establishing an independent landscape for an art dealing with the intersections of media and technology.

In this way DEAF07, as an international platform to meet, present, debate and enjoy art and media culture gives an excellent opportunity to open these networks to new partners in the Netherlands and beyond. With this focus we hope to strengthen the dialogue between the players within and outside of China as well as to gain an increased understanding into China's stimulating and complex dynamics.

For DEAF07 we have fully integrated all China related events and participants in a broader DEAF07 program.
The events connected to the China program are marked with a special label. china

The China program has been made possible with the support of the HGIS – Cultuurprogram (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of OCenW)